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Weapon Property


Twinning: As a swift action, the wielder of a twinning weapon can command it to create a copy of itself in the wielder's free hand. To use this ability, the user must be wielding the weapon normally, and must have enough hands available to wield the copy. Only one copy can be in existance at a time.
The copy is treated as an exact duplicate of the weapon in all ways, including magical properties, except for the twinning ability itself. Only the original weapon can create copies.
If a copy leaves the wielder's hand for any reason, it vanishes at the end of the current turn.


Subtle: A subtle weapon adds a +4 bonus to its wielder


Lucky: Once per day, the wielder can reroll a failed attack roll with this weapon (whether a single attack or one in a series of multiple attacks) as a free action. The rerolled attack uses the same bonuses or penalties as the missed roll.
Moderate enchantment; CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, prayer; Price +1 bonus.

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