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Welcome to Excavated Esotera! Please take a look around, and make sure to read the "About" page, as well as the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You can find links to those above.

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The SRD's Epic rules are broken. Why bother updating them?
Basically, I believe that the above statement that the rules are "broken" is a matter of opinion. And while I respect the opinion of those who believe that, I don't necessarily agree with it. That does seem to be the majority opinion out there (from what I've seen), but I have found some other people who disagree.

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    Excavated Esotera (hereafter referred to as the website, or "this website") is a gaming materials website created and run by Mark Becker, a.k.a. Arazyr (hereafter referred to as the Administrator).

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Welcome to Excavated Esotera. This site is dedicated to providing new and converted material for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. My first goal is to convert "the rest" of the System Reference Document.

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