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Welcome to Excavated Esotera. This site is dedicated to providing new and converted material for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. My first goal is to convert "the rest" of the System Reference Document.

By "the rest", I mean primarily the Epic and Divine rules. Dreamscarred Press has begun work on the Psionics rules, but I haven't seen anybody seriously talk of updating the other two. As far as I can tell, most people don't seem to like the SRD Epic rules, Paizo included. And the Divine rules don't fit Paizo's design philosophy for their published campaign setting.

That said, this should not be taken as a complaint or criticism of Paizo (or anybody else). I believe I understand the reasoning behind their decisions, and I respect their opinions. I just don't necessarily share them.

If anything, I'm glad for the opportunity to work on them myself. It should give me a chance to stretch my game design muscles and get familiar with the new system.

Once the Epic and Divine sections are converted, I plan to take a whack at the book of variants whose name inspired the name of this site. I also plan to include new material, and even possibly start converting other old Open Game Content, especially content whose original author/publisher don't seem interested in updating themselves.

For all of this, I plan to try to follow the "Pathfinder Design Philosophy" as much as I can. That is, to try to preserve backward compatibility with the original rules while fixing the worst problems with the system, and making things run more smoothly in general. I intend to try to make things line up with the conventions in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook; such as the BAB/HD connection.

Finally, while this site is not necessarily intended as a "community project", I do welcome all discussion, suggestions and constructive criticism. I plan to try to make this site a "living document", incorporating suggestions from people who have playtested the material, in order to make it as fun and useful as possible.

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