Excavated Esotera

No Character Left Behind



The character can implant a nonmagical suggestion in a target, display a false alignment, or disguise his or her surface thoughts.

Example Circumstance Sense Motive Modifier
Instill suggestion in target +50
Task DC
Display false alignment 70
Disguise surface thoughts 100
Instill Suggestion in Target:
This is identical to the effect of the suggestion spell, except that it is nonmagical and lasts for only 10 minutes. It can be sensed as if it were an enchantment effect (Sense Motive DC 25).
Display False Alignment:
The character can fool alignment-sensing effects by displaying a false alignment of his or her choice. Once set, a false alignment remains as long as the character remains conscious and awake. Setting or changing a false alignment requires a full-round action.
Disguise Surface Thoughts:
The character can fool spells such as detect thoughts (or similar effects) by displaying false surface thoughts. While the character can

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