Excavated Esotera

No Character Left Behind



The character can craft items more quickly than normal.

Task DC
Quick creation +10 or more to DC
Create augmented substance +20 or more to DC
Quick Creation:
A character can voluntarily increase the DC of crafting an item by any multiple of 10. This allows the character to create an item more quickly (since he or she will be multiplying this higher DC by his or her skill check result to determine progress). The character must decide the increase to the DC before making the check.
Create Augmented Alchemical Item or Substance:
This requires the Augmented Alchemy feat, and allows a character to create alchemical items and substances of greater power than normal. To augment an alchemical substance, add +20 to the DC required to create the item and multiply the cost by 5. If the item or substance deals damage, double the damage dealt. If the item or substance doesn

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