Excavated Esotera

No Character Left Behind

Handle Animal

Handle Animal

The character can handle creatures other than animals, and can teach or train in much less time than normally required.

Task Time DC
Rear magical beast 1 year 30 + HD of magical beast
Train magical beast 2 months 40 + HD of magical beast
Rear vermin 6 months 35 + HD of vermin
Train vermin 2 months 50 + HD of vermin
Rear other creature Varies 40 + HD of creature
Train other creature 2 months 60 + HD of creature
Reduce Teaching/Training to . . . DC Modifier
1 month +25
1 day +50
1 hour +75
1 minute +100
Reduce Teaching/Training:
Normally, teaching or training a creature requires two months of time. A character can accelerate the process of teaching or training a creature, reducing the time required to the listed time, by adding the DC modifier to the base DC for teaching or training the creature. A character can

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