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Base Classes: Check

Okay, so I've finished posting initial conversions of the epic progressions for the core base classes. (I'm intentionally ignoring the psionic base classes for the moment, at the very least until Dreamscarred Press gets their revamped psionic base classes out, and possibly until they release final versions. Basically, if I finish posting initial conversions of the rest of the epic material before their final comes out, I'll start on them using whatever DSP has out at the time, but if DSP releases their final versions before I'm done, I'll go back at that point and hash something out.)

My initial thought on what to do next was to move on to skills, but when I took a look at the sourcebook the epic rules originally came from, I noticed they did base classes, then immediately went to prestige class epic progressions and epic prestige classes. So, for a while I was figuring I should go ahead and do my conversions of those next.

After thinking about it some more, though, I've decided to move on to skills after all. I don't think I need to worry too much about the original sourcebook's structure. I think following the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook's arragement is probably more appropriate in this case anyway. Besides, I think I could use the change of pace.

So, I'll be starting to post initial conversions of the Epic Skill Uses. Again, I will only be making the minimum changes necessary to convert them, saving any further changes for later.

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