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Epic Plan of Attack

My first project for this site is going to be to convert the SRD Epic rules to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. My plan for going about this is as follows.

First, I'm going to post all of the Epic rules and materials, making the minimum amount of changes necessary to make them compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Basically, at this point, the only changes I'll be making to the rules will be to account for changes made to the Core rules; such as skills that were renamed and/or combined, taking into account the new Feat acquisition rate, accounting for new class features, and so forth.

Next, once I have most of the material up (I might not wait until it's all up — the monsters and magic items might take a while), I'll give each item a while to be up before making any more changes, to give people a chance to think about each thing, playtest it a bit, discuss it and make suggestions. Only then will I make any more extensive changes.

Each item can be discussed in the comments on its own page. I will also be setting up some Forums where further discussion can take place, including potential additions to the rules, or more extensive changes.

If possible, I plan to post one new page per day. Of course, one page might be as little as a single magic item, but hopefully this will help me get content up regularly.

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