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Update Log

Here is where I will henceforth post when I've updated.

The personality assessment conversation continues.

Kasarah verbally pins Noldar down, and makes him squirm.

Conversation finally moves away from an uncomfortable place, and is beginning to wind down. Went back through story to insert a few references to Ember, who has been way too invisible, in my opinion.

The conversation between Noldar and Kasarah winds up, Tarin's jerkitude begins.

The evening continues. Ember starts making a more significant appearance.

No changes to the story, but a table of contents has been added to all formats.

Small sections on Kandric and Ganathese cultures have been added. All formats have been updated.

Culture Notes

I actually posted the update, this morning, but I hope to advance the scene some more, tonight, and thought it would be clearer, if I didn't have two updates nominally on the same date.

BTW, have I mentioned that I LOVE writing banter? (:

Conversation concludes... in a manner nothing like I anticipated. LOL

Added a brief conversation between Noldar and Granton. The timestamp on the document is 2013/06/09, as it was posted after midnight, but since most of the writing was done on 06/08, and I dare to hope I may have another update before midnight on 06/09, I'm pre-dating the update.

Also, just so those who keep asking me WHERE the new section is no longer have any excuse, I have placed a bookmark at the beginning of the new section. You know who you are. c(;

I haven't found a good way to "jump" to bookmarks, inside Google Drive, but if you scroll down, you'll see a little blue bookmark icon in the left margin.

A whole page, this time! Kasarah discusses her suspicions with Bradlar, and concludes that Tarin had better duck and cover... LOL

Kasarah and Tarin have a reckoning... three guesses who comes out on the worse end of that one? LOL

A teeny tiny update. The next scene starts. Haven't gotten far, yet.

The stew incident.

I haven't done any writing in a week. ): Can anybody give me a nudge?

Finally, after about a month and a half... an UPDATE! Tarin gets an idea for his next bit of jerkitude.

Wow... second update, this week! On a roll, people... (I hope). Anyway... Tarin sets up his next prank.

One continuity error removed, several typos fixed.

Added about a page. The mouse prank resolves, and a little aftermath.

I add insult to injury for poor Tarin. LOL

Interlude conversation between Noldar and Kasarah that ends up very different that I first thought it would be.

The conversation between Noldar and Kasarah continues to follow a path nothing like I had originally planned. What is it with those two?

The wayward conversation wraps up, with some lingering aftermath.

About another page and a half added.

Kasarah starts into her apology... and then I get stuck on how to proceed.

The apology conversation continues. I'm hoping to get out at least one small update every week, even around school. We'll see how it goes...

Nope, not an April Fool's joke... I actually wrote some more on that last scene, a while ago, but didn't post it. Here it is.

I have decided to post what I have of Mercenary Prince, so far. Warning that it starts in the middle, and is a collection of scenes with sometimes large gaps in between. The current version is "Mercenary Prince Working".

Filled in one of the gaps (on the ship), added some sort-of chapter headings (the chapters start at N+1, since I've started the story in the middle). Warning that the chapter headings don't quite function properly, in the Google drive format. Extended the post-escape part of the story.

I have no idea exactly how much has been added since the last post. Many many pages, I'm certain. Story now contains no gaps between the escape, and finally getting Dalvan patched up.

Finally, back to WS&S! The Week of Jerkitude continues!

The sparring match.

Aftermath of the sparring match. Bradlar has a man-to-man discussion with Tarin (with which I am rather pleased).

I'm having entirely too much fun, at Tarin's expense...

Today's update... Tarin begins trying to think like a noble hero... and gets it wrong. LOL

Tarin opens his mouth again, and gets schooled. This is what I think of as the "sword kata" scene, that was referenced in TCOS.

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