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Assassin's Gambit

Pulling from something quite a bit later in my timeline (some 300 years after the events of Dragon Fang, Phoenix Fire), I thought I'd see what people might think of this one. It's a little more advanced, and was written in a slightly different style than my earlier ones. Whereas usually I get a bunch of characters together, look at them and tell them to tell me about themselves, in Assassin's Gambit, I get a bunch of characters together, point to one that's separate from them, and told them to tell me about him. Overall, I think it worked reasonably well. If there are any questions that are not well explained in the text, let me know.

This is the location of the file: Hopefully I will also soon have the beginnings of a wiki on my site for others to be able to read little bits of information regarding the various characters (though it may take a little while to get started).