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Upcoming schedules

What do everybody's schedules look like, coming up? Our writer's circle forums have been pretty devoid of activity, recently, and I've got a crazy week coming up, for school, but my semester will be over in a couple of weeks, at which point I'm hoping to be able to write regularly (hoping for an update once a week). Are people likely to be available to read updates, or post their own stuff, coming up? I'd really like to get this place rolling, again!

I recently started my new job, and am currently training. I need to stick around Walmart until I'm certain I want to stay with 331, which means my schedule is pretty jam-packed until about two weeks after I make that decision. I'll let you know when this happens.

Hopefully, it'll jam-pack your bank account, while it is at it. (: Anyway, it does sound like it'll get a little crazy, but we totally understand. Do what you have to. We'll still be here, whenever you can make room for us, again.