Plant Companion

Plant Companion

You relate better to flora than fauna, and have a plant creature as a companion instead of an animal.

Plant Control, Plant Defiance, Knowledge (nature) 3 ranks, ability to cast speak with plants, ability to cast detect animals or plants, abiity to acquire a new animal companion.
You are able to select a plant creature from the table below as a companion. This creature gains all the normal effects of being a druid's animal companion.
The DM is encouraged to customize the table below to suit your game, world and/or game materials available.
1st-Level or Higher
Vegepygmy (commoner)2
4th-Level or Higher (Level -3)
Violet fungus1
7th-Level or Higher (Level -6)
Assassin vine1
Phantom fungus
10th-Level or Higher (Level -9)
Shambling mound
13th-Level or Higher (Level -12)

1 Has no Intelligence score, therefore gains no tricks.
2 Has an Intelligence of 3 or higher, therefore neither gains nor needs tricks to perform actions.

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