Community Guidelines

The basic rule: Don't be a jerk.

Going into more detail: This is not a public forum. This is my website. I pay for the webhosting, I set up the software, I configured the site. This is kind-of an online equivalent of my home. You are welcome to come into my home, but I expect you to behave yourself. You will be considerate to me and my other guests.

No name-calling, no personal attacks, no outright hostility in general. I don't mind people discussing things. I don't mind people disagreeing with me or anybody else. But keep it respectful and constructive.

I reserve the right to remove any comments I deem inappropriate. (Or, not to approve any comment I find objectionable if I set things that way.) I reserve the right to ban any user from the site for any reason I deem appropriate. I will try to give people a chance to shape up, but I will feel free to boot anybody I think is not making a reasonable effort.