A Real Update (finally!)

*insert sorry I forgot about the site and I'll try to update more often speech here*

So, it looks like I was right about some of my predictions in my last post, and wrong about others. The Protectobots are in Combiner Wars. Blades is made out of Alpha Bravo, Streetwise from Dead End, and First Aid from Offroad. Groove is a Legends Class figure, and they added Rook as a new guy (and only new Deluxe mold). Of course, there's also news about Takara's Deluxe Class Groove, which is a little closer to what I was imagining.

Then there's all the Autobot Car redecos/retools that are rumored. I kind-of expected them, but not the specific ones and not this many. Two waves worth, it sounds like, and some may not be made from Stunticons. I actually like these, because it gives me plenty of CW style cars to use as new toys for a bunch of my made-up characters. The rumored G2 Aerialbots set will give me the planes I need for that, too.

So, I currently have (sitting on the desk next to my computer as I write this) the CW wave 1 & 2 Aerialbots and Stunticons. As this is the day after the "May Mayhem" online exclusives date, I have Quickslinger (i.e. Slingshot) and Brake-Neck (i.e. Wildrider) on order (as well as a handful of RID15 figures to get that order up over $50 to get HTS's free shipping), as well as Hot Spot, Cyclonus, and Viper (in a separate order, since they appeared on the site later in the day). Still waiting for the rest of the Protectobots to show up on HTS, so they (and the wave 4 Legends set of Groove, Warpath, Rodimus, and Skywarp) are still in my Stack at TFSource.

I like using TFSource's stack as my "backup", because it pretty much ensures I get the stuff, and if I stack enough, I can get free shipping. I prefer to get my stuff from HTS if I can, though, since they run discount codes (such as the current Memorial15 code) fairly frequently, and send individual discount codes with orders fairly often. I have two of those sitting in wait. I was going to use them for the above stuff, but didn't need to since the Memorial Day code was up (and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't stack).

Anyway, aside from the flurry of activity ordering stuff yesterday, I still feel like I'm mostly in a holding pattern at the moment. What I'm really waiting for is new announcements, like official confirmation of a bunch of the rumors (like the so-called "Eightyfourtobots", or Team Prime as I've been calling them), G2 Superion, and the Combaticons) and new products that haven't gotten into the rumor mill yet. I've been doing a lot of planning in my head for how I'm going to use all the redecos, and I have things worked out as much as I can. I really need new information to process. 8^)