Welcome to Homeworld!

If you've just arrived in this part of the galaxy, and came in here before trying to explore on your own, good idea! If you've looked around a bit already, and are just now wondering, "What's the deal with this place?", then you should find your answers here.

Hi, I'm Mark E. Becker, creator of wildspace.com. Otherwise known as Arazyr, the Wizard of Wildspace. This whole website is essentially my personal home page, but since I've been working as a web designer for so long, I decided I needed my own domain, and this is the result.

Since the first time I posted a home page on the servers at Calvin College, when I was a student there, I've always been using the Web for advertising things I want or have to offer, not to mention publishing a number of my own creative projects.

For those who are interested in biographical minutia, please take a look at my Personal Information page.

For the rest of you, who simply want to see the layout of this site, here is a basic outline: