Blue Paragon

Whether they are reviled by their tribe for their differences, or valued for their abilities, blues are invariably set apart from the rest of their goblin kinsfolk, often coming to see themselves as innately superior to common goblins because of their psionic abilities.

Blue paragons often rise to leadership positions within their tribes, but whether by their own ambitions, or because they are the only ones who can control the rest of the goblins, varies from blue to blue.

Blue paragons go out adventuring primarily to increase their own personal power. For many blue paragons, this has the additional benefit of removing them from tribes that do not tolerate them. These adventuring blue paragons often have plans to return to their home tribes once they have accrued sufficient power to take over the tribe themselves.
Blue paragons tend to be scheming and calculating. They often do not make friends easily, seeing others for no more than what they can get from them.
Blue paragons can be of any alignment, but most (especially those raised in less-tolerant goblin tribes) tend to be evil, having had to fight for every opportunity, or even their very survival.
Blue paragons often pay lip service to the savage goblin deities, but deep down, most do not depend on any power except their own. Those who do worship a deity usually try to find ways to combine their deity-given power with their own innate psionic abilities.
The vast majority of blue paragons are persecuted horribly in their home tribes, often being forced to leave or face worse treatment from their tribes. Their experiences outside of their tribes is what gives them the opportunity and the confidence to achieve paragon status.
Those lucky few who are born into more tolerant tribes have much more opportunity to explore their nature and the nature of their kind, coming into paragonhood by introspection.
A blue paragon's attitudes towards regular goblins depends largely upon how he was treated by his home tribe: if he was reviled as a youngster, the blue paragon will likely view other goblinoids as tools to be used for his own purposes; if he was welcomed by his tribe, the blue paragon may actually view the other goblins fondly, but will likely see them as children to be protected, at best.
What a blue paragon thinks of other races is largely dependant upon his experiences with members of those races, which is seldom pleasant for either side.
Other Classes:
A blue paragon will generally value members of another class for what they can provide him. As his first companion, a blue paragon often looks for a big, tough, and dumb warrior type, who can protect the blue paragon on his adventures, but can still be easily manipulated.
Blue paragons often dislike the competition from other psionic classes, but otherwise value intellect and competence, working easily with wizards and rogues.

Game Rule Information

Blue paragons have the following game statistics.

Intelligence is most important to Blue paragons, because it improves their psionic powers, and their craftiness helps them to survive. Dexterity helps the blue paragon avoid damage in combat, while Constitution helps them survive such damage. Charisma helps the blue paragon to convince or bully other goblins into doing what the blue wants.
Hit Dice:

Class Skills

The blue paragon

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