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Getting Something Done

Doesn't it just figure? I spent about 45 minutes, yesterday, putting in Previous and Next links in all my blog entries manually, and today, Arazyr finds a paging module for Drupal, and sets it up, making that 45 minutes of work moot. I'd like to make it clear I'm not complaining about the update - it'll save me having to do that manually, for the rest of the run of my blog - I just sort of suspect that if I'd just commented that I'd like such a feature, that I'd have been waiting a couple more weeks.

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Blog Improvements and Miscellany

I just spent about half an hour to 45 minutes going through my blog, and adding "Previous" and "Next" links to the top of every entry. As cool as I think Drupal is, I think the apparent lack of a more automated way to do this is a bit of a hole in the blog module. If there is a way, and I just don't know it, somebody please let me know.

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