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December's Misadventures

I seem to be on an approximately once-a-month blogging schedule, if by "schedule" you mean "almost completely random occurrence". I've never had any real long-term success on anything resembling journalling (if that's a word), so I suppose it should come as no surprise, especially when you add in the very large factor of a very small person in my life. I must also say that since I seldom get any comments, it very much feels like I'm talking to myself.

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Top Ten Things Occupying My Time

These are the top ten things occupying my time, over the last 2 weeks:
1) KatyBeth
2) Replacing the bookcase that half-collapsed on Halloween
3) KatyBeth
4) Redecorating the bathroom
5) KatyBeth
6) Christmas knitting
7) KatyBeth
8) Preparing to repair a hole in my mother-in-law's wall
9) KatyBeth

See a pattern, here?

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In a Whirl

I can hardly believe it has been nearly a month since I last blogged... Time goes by so quickly, these days. It is amazing how completely one tiny girl can occupy a life. My job hunt continues slowly, and not very optimistically. It seems like everything that sounds interesting is wanting some extremely specialized experience. I am starting to consider at what point I should perhaps think about a career switch. The silver lining is that at least I get to stay with my baby... who is less a baby, and more a little girl, each day.

Lazy Day

KatyBeth and I have declared this a Lazy Day, to make up for the insanity that yesterday ended up being. Now, having read that, you might be imagining long lists of things getting accomplished. You'd be wrong. In fact, I only really got one thing done - making a bunch of these:

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The Quiet Hours

It is just after midnight, and KatyBeth is asleep in her crib. I dare to hope that this is a sign that my recent attempts to shift her schedule are working, but I'm sensible enough that I have to admit that this has not been going on for long enough to establish a pattern. I probably should go to bed, about now, as I had a really bad night, last night, but I need a bit of time to enjoy the quiet. Baby didn't go to sleep until about 1:30, which put me to bed around 2, only to have a major "fidgety attack" that left me unable to sleep.

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Up Early and Stash-Busting

I'm amazed I'm up and about, right now. It is just past 7:30, and I did not go to bed until nearly 2:00. The baby went down to sleep around 12:30 - I just stayed up, reading blogs, and knitting. I suppose I should probably be doing accounts, or something, right now, but I'm sort of expecting KatyBeth to wake up any time now, wanting to be fed. So, instead, I'm blogging and knitting.

Late Nights and One Thing Per Day

It has been a while since I blogged - about two weeks, I believe... Yup, two weeks exactly (just looked it up). Being a full time mommy keeps me busy enough, but when you toss in job hunting (as yet unsuccessful, and rather frustrating, as nobody seems to want to tell you if a place decides to decline the opportunity to bring you on board, preferring to leave you hanging), and trying to maintain the house, and maybe even get it a bit cleaner, plus get some knitting done, and vainly hoping to find some time to write again... well, I imagine you can see where I'm going with all this.

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Lullaby and Goodnight

It has been a rather full day. I got started on it rather later than I would have liked, but that's pretty standard, these days. Yesterday was Arazyr's and my 7th wedding anniversary. KatyBeth went to hang out with her grandma and grandpa for the evening, while we went out for dinner and a movie. We went to a Mongolian barbecue place for dinner, since it is the kind of place that is difficult, at best, to navigate with a baby along - might as well go while we could, we figured. The movie was "Iron Man".

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My Sleep Schedule is Pretty Much Shot

My sleep schedule (and I use the term "schedule" loosely, here) has been really whacked out, of late. KB often keeps me up rather late, but usually I can get in bed by long about 1am. However, going from Saturday to Sunday, I spent hours lying in bed, with thoughts whirling through my head so much I couldn't fall asleep. I ended up getting up around 4:45 to knit for a while. I went back to bed, and finally managed to fall asleep around 6am. You know, I have NO recollection of what project I was knitting on.

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Oh, Sweet Productivity...

Today (ok, technically yesterday, at this point), I managed to get several things done that I'd been wanting to do, for varying lengths of time. While the morning was spent playing with KB, and resting, in the early afternoon I dropped by my mother's office, to deliver her stitch markers, which (once I told her what they were) she seemed to quite like.

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