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Domestic Fit

I expected to have gone on some major cleaning binges, this week, but so far, at least, I haven't. This is possibly because I'm still running pretty short on sleep. This is not, however, to say that I haven't had some variety of domestic fits. I've gone on minor cleaning binges, I actually cooked dinner, over the weekend, I actually walked to the mall with the kids, yesterday, I've developed a wicked case of finish-it-up-itis in my knitting, and I've got homemade granola in the oven.

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Once again, I should probably be in bed, but I recently got up from an evening nap, and Arazyr and the girls are asleep, so I'm taking a bit of time to enjoy the quiet, and a bit of time to myself.

An Experience I Hope Never to Have to Repeat

Good evening everyone, and welcome to my latest blog post, brought to you (like so many of them) by insomnia.

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One Little Kitten...

... lost her mittens, and she began to cry... "Want mittens back!"

However, the little blue mittens, handknit from fingering weight merino wool that my darling girl picked out from the yarn store, herself, were nowhere to be found. Returning to the produce market (our only previous stop on our errands run), and conducting a search also failed to yield the mittens. Ditto with having a staff member check the lost and found. The mittens were just gone.

Long Overdue Update

Hey, look! It is another of my infrequent blog entries... not that it matters, as I don't think much of anybody reads this stuff, anyway, but...

I'm done with my nutrition class, and while I haven't gotten my official grade, yet, I know I'm getting an A - I got something like 96% of the possible points in the class, and that comes up as an A, pretty much no matter how you slice it. So... one class down.


KatyBeth did not take a nap, today. That is, she was up from about 9:30 this morning, until about 9:00 this evening, with barely 10 minutes of sleep in between, and I dearly hope the sleeping she's doing now is for the night, rather than just a nap, because I'm pretty wiped out.

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Have Yourself A Healthy Little Christmas

First off, in my last post I promised I'd pick up with the Saturday evening where my narrative ended. Well, it has been long enough that I've mostly forgotten what I wanted to say, aside from the fact that we went to see a play that was put on by the university where my mother works, and in which she was in the chorus... in very bad weather. KatyBeth was very good, as one-year-olds at theatre events go, climbing relatively quietly between my lap and those of Arazyr and my brother and his wife.

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Top Ten Things Occupying My Time

These are the top ten things occupying my time, over the last 2 weeks:
1) KatyBeth
2) Replacing the bookcase that half-collapsed on Halloween
3) KatyBeth
4) Redecorating the bathroom
5) KatyBeth
6) Christmas knitting
7) KatyBeth
8) Preparing to repair a hole in my mother-in-law's wall
9) KatyBeth

See a pattern, here?

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Another Late Night

It is approximately 1:30 in the morning, as I sit to write this. KatyBeth is finally asleep in bed, hopefully for the night, though if she keeps going as she has been lately, she'll wake up somewhere around 3 or 4. I'll likely be all but dead on my feet for major portions of the day, sleeping when she sleeps, getting nothing done, but still, I sit here and blog and knit, instead of going to bed. Because now, when Arazyr and KatyBeth are in bed, is when I can unwind.


I'm really tired. KatyBeth has not been doing so well on the whole sleeping thing, of late, and she's been sort of attention-hungry, today. When being paid direct attention, she's been very happy and cute, but it has been over all a bit wearing on the mommy, here.

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