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One of These Days, I Need To Do An Entry on Just One Topic

I did not, in fact, end up getting any writing done, on Wednesday. My major accomplishment for the day was grocery shopping (and a trip to the library) in the pouring rain. This was rendered more bearable by drafting a friend to come along to help me keep an eye on KatyBeth, when needed, allowing me to do things like run back to a previous aisle to get something I missed, sans cart, or to make a mad dash through the downpour, to get to the car, and then just bring it around, instead of having to lug probably about 18 pounds of car seat and baby through the deluge.

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Trying to Gather Steam

I'm a bit tired. I'm down to the last few sniffles of my cold, so I'm back to attempting to get things done. Yesterday involved a lot of running around - a doctor appointment, an impromptu visit to my mother's office (I was passing it, and thought "why not?" - much showing off of the baby by her proud grandma ensued (: ), and a trip to the store that involved KatyBeth's first ride in a shopping cart sans car seat.

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First Week of Housewifery

Well, I've now been doing the housewife thing for a week. Last week was spent cleaning up the kitchen, in and around taking care of the baby. I'm rather pleased at the progress I made. I'm hoping to work my way around the house, though at this rate, I'll get through the house in about two months! Ah well, any progress is progress, and the house has been rather neglected for quite some time - it is going to take a while to get it whipped into shape. I had planned to hit the living room/dining room area, this week, but unfortunately, I seem to be coming down with something.

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Finished! (And on time, too!)

The "baby cousin" blanket is now finished (before the intended recipient has arrived, too)!

Check out the "juujika's Workshop" for more pictures!

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Blankets and Job Hunts and Baby - Oh My!

The "baby cousin blanket" is now nearly 30 inches long - I *might* actually get this done, in time! (: Yes, you saw that correctly - I do make my typed smilies backwards. I have done that since my college days, when I discovered that doing so made it easier to make a smiley sticking its tongue out in an impudent manner -> c(: Anyway, back to the blanket... One thing I find puzzling is the fact that it is measuring 37 inches wide, without the final edging. The pattern says it is supposed to end up 37 inches wide, AFTER the final edging. I swatched, I swear I did!

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Knitting Milestones, etc.

Well, I've passed the midpoint on the baby blanket I'm knitting. For this pattern, you start with 3 stitches, and increase one every row. So the middle of the blanket is pretty wide. After that, you decrease one each row, so they start getting smaller. I am a few rows into the decreases now. I know the rows I've just done are still about the length of the last few I did before the midpoint, but they feel quicker. Probably a psychological thing: before the midpoint, you could theoretically keep increasing forever; after you start the decreases, there is a definite endpoint... 8^)

Cranking on the blanket

It has, amazingly, been a fairly productive week. When it began, the baby blanket I have in progress had a mere 6 inches on it. It now is approximately a foot longer. If I can keep going at this rate, I may actually finish it on time. Also on my list of accomplishments are: doing enough cleaning and rearranging in KatyBeth's room to accommodate her crib (delivered by her grandpa, and assembled by him and Daddy) and making significant progress on whittling down Sara-yama (Dish Mountain, which has been sitting at the side of my sink for some time).

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Truth in Knitting

I'm going to admit right up front that I knit largely with (gasp!) acrylic. From various knitting podcasts I've listened to, and various knit blogs I've read, it seems that that places me "on the wrong side of the tracks", knitting-wise.

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Catching Up

So, I guess I should describe a bit of the current state of my life, for those who don't already know me... 8^)

I am currently job hunting. My last assignment with my latest contract house ended last November. They've had a few things come by since then, but none of them has actually turned into a new job yet. Just went on an interview this past Thursday, though, which sounds promising.

Job Hunting and Ravelry

I had an interview today. It was with a recruiter, concerning a position in Southfield. Sounds like a good deal. I hope this doesn't go the way of the last really cool potential job I heard about - that recruiter submitted my resume to their client, and I never heard from anybody, and the recruiter seemed to practically drop off the face of the earth, shortly afterwards.

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