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Huzzah for the Schedule

I've been on my new schedule for about two weeks now, and by all appearances, it is working! Occasionally, there is a task that doesn't get done, but I usually manage to catch up on the weekends, and even if I don't, I manage to get it the next week. Even not getting up before KatyBeth (gotta get some newer pictures posted...) in the mornings for the last few days hasn't hurt things too much.

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Where Does the Time Go?

I feel like I'm behind on everything. This is largely due to the fact that I have a clever and curious toddler, who has a talent for getting into anything I must take out of anywhere, to get something done.

Have Yourself A Healthy Little Christmas

First off, in my last post I promised I'd pick up with the Saturday evening where my narrative ended. Well, it has been long enough that I've mostly forgotten what I wanted to say, aside from the fact that we went to see a play that was put on by the university where my mother works, and in which she was in the chorus... in very bad weather. KatyBeth was very good, as one-year-olds at theatre events go, climbing relatively quietly between my lap and those of Arazyr and my brother and his wife.

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In a Whirl

I can hardly believe it has been nearly a month since I last blogged... Time goes by so quickly, these days. It is amazing how completely one tiny girl can occupy a life. My job hunt continues slowly, and not very optimistically. It seems like everything that sounds interesting is wanting some extremely specialized experience. I am starting to consider at what point I should perhaps think about a career switch. The silver lining is that at least I get to stay with my baby... who is less a baby, and more a little girl, each day.

Where I've Been

It has been nearly a month since I blogged! I didn't mean for it to be so long, but I've been staying rather busy, mostly with Baby Girl, who is going to start walking, any day now. I have, however, been getting Christmas knitting done, though I had to tear out nearly half a sock, on one pair, as it became doubtful that it would fit over the foot of the intended recipient. The thing that has really started eating up my bits of free time, though, is that I've started writing again! Dang, it feels good...

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Up Early and Stash-Busting

I'm amazed I'm up and about, right now. It is just past 7:30, and I did not go to bed until nearly 2:00. The baby went down to sleep around 12:30 - I just stayed up, reading blogs, and knitting. I suppose I should probably be doing accounts, or something, right now, but I'm sort of expecting KatyBeth to wake up any time now, wanting to be fed. So, instead, I'm blogging and knitting.


So, I'm done with the antibiotics from the "health scare" a couple of weeks ago, and good riddance. That stuff left a weird taste in my mouth, and made other things taste weird too. 8^( Still having intermittant back trouble. And now, a few days ago, I did something to my left shoulder/neck area in the shower Thursday morning, and so now THAT has been sore for most of the weekend. Things like that are usually worst first thing in the morning -- today, it only felt about as bad as when I went to bed, so it seems to be getting better... >^|

Another Late Night

It is approximately 1:30 in the morning, as I sit to write this. KatyBeth is finally asleep in bed, hopefully for the night, though if she keeps going as she has been lately, she'll wake up somewhere around 3 or 4. I'll likely be all but dead on my feet for major portions of the day, sleeping when she sleeps, getting nothing done, but still, I sit here and blog and knit, instead of going to bed. Because now, when Arazyr and KatyBeth are in bed, is when I can unwind.

My Sleep Schedule is Pretty Much Shot

My sleep schedule (and I use the term "schedule" loosely, here) has been really whacked out, of late. KB often keeps me up rather late, but usually I can get in bed by long about 1am. However, going from Saturday to Sunday, I spent hours lying in bed, with thoughts whirling through my head so much I couldn't fall asleep. I ended up getting up around 4:45 to knit for a while. I went back to bed, and finally managed to fall asleep around 6am. You know, I have NO recollection of what project I was knitting on.

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A Moderately Busy Day

I really should be in bed, right now, but I'm not quite ready to go to sleep. Goodness only knows why, because it has been a fairly full day. I was up relatively late last night with KatyBeth, which is nothing new, as she's a baby night owl. I got up fairly early (before Arazyr left for work), so I could shower, then shortly thereafter curled up with my baby girl for a morning nap.


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