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Well, crap....

I just remembered that, back on page 7, I established that Noldar and Granton brought along a pack horse. Now, on page 58, I realize that said horse has not been mentioned since page 8. Trying to decide if I should go back and insert references, or edit out Primrose's existence... Thoughts?

Primrose (the pack horse) has been established (on pages 7&8) to be carrying the large, heavy items such as the cooking pot, and the tent (she would also be carrying the things needed for her own care, such as feed). If I write her out, I probably should consider who is carrying those things, and what the effect of the extra load is, on how the party has been traveling, all along.

If I keep her in, while as a pack horse, she will not figure in prominently, in most cases, I at VERY least have to figure out how she behaved during the goblin attack, and put that in.

The general consensus was that Primrose is kind of essential, if only for sparing someone else the weight of carrying the tent. Therefore, I went back and inserted what I hope are appropriate references.