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I know this may be partially beyond our control, but might I suggest we make an attempt at actually reviving this forum? It would appear there are only the two of us actively posting in the forums, but I really think we could all benefit from a bit more insight. And I think there may be at least a couple people (mutual acquaintances who are not on the forum here) who might be interested in adding to the discussion.

If you know someone that would like an ID for the site, have them email me, and I can make them one. Also, I think that posts can be made without an ID, though they will not show up until I've gotten the chance to approve them.

I was thinking at least April and Nick might, since they're both reading through your writing. And I know at least that April writes, herself.

I will need the following info for those wanting accounts:
1)What email address they want the account tied to (for notifications, though those are rare)
2)What they want their username to be.