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Juujika suggested that I post some of my work and get some opinions on it. I've been in a *very* fertile creative mode lately, and will probably be continuing to add stuff in regularly. These books that I'm going to link to are in 3 distinct series' but all in the same world, and the characters are related, in most cases. The first series is the 'Alliance of the Dragon' which is where I got my start writing about Jiredh. There are 2 distinct time periods in it (and it's somewhat confusing because it starts out in that world's present, and then goes back a very long time for the 3rd and 4th book in that series before jumping back to the present to bring it all together). The Heirs of the Divine duology takes place approximately 60 years after the last book in the Alliance series, while the Forebearers' War trilogy (which is what I'm trying to finish up now) starts about 5 years after the end of the Heirs of the Divine. I am willing to hear any advice at all on this, both copy-editing and actual character/plot ideas, because I figure I always have room to improve.