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The Infant Prince

How old is baby Saul? If you haven't decided, yet, do you want/need some suggestions, based on stages of baby development?

I believe I had intended him to be about one or younger at this point.

I can probably recommend a more specific age, if the following questions can be answered:

  1. What can he eat? I'd recommend you make him at least 6 months old, else, in a medieval society, especially, he'd likely still be exclusively breastfed, or only eating oatmeal and such. At about 6 months, babies start to be able to eat enough solid food (granted, some of it mashed) that he'd have a reasonable nutritional chance of survival without a wet nurse... unless, of course, finding a wet nurse for the baby prince is a plot point you're counting on.
  2. What can he physically do? Relevant milestones to consider (in order that they are usually achieved): rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling self up to standing position, "cruising" (walking, as long as he has something to hold onto, to support himself), and walking without assistance from people/objects. BTW, once they get to "cruising", they usually get "wigglier" when you're trying to hold/carry them.
  3. What, if any, communication is he capable of? Babies as young as 6 months have been taught to sign (though a signing 6-month-old is still pretty execeptional), any time after 9 months is relatively common for signing, and children usually can speak 1 or 2 words at around a year old, with girls generally reaching language skills before boys. In short, you could easily have him be non-verbal, and even non-signing, at any time under a year, but if you want him to be managing ANY words or signs, anytime at all soon after this part, you should probably target around 9 months.
  4. About how much does he weigh? This may be a consideration for having the wizard schlepping him all over the place. An average 1-year-old weighs between 18-22 pounds, if that makes any difference.

I hope you don't mind me presuming to advise, here, but based on what I know of you, I suspect you haven't had much experience with kids, and I thought that this might help you sort out some details, since you might not otherwise have this sort of information. (:

My original plan was to go with just around one year. I might stick with that. So, food should not be much of an issue. As for physical ability, I haven't quite decided where I wanted him to be just yet, but that would probably be the biggest defining aspect for his age. As for communication, he's accustomed to pointing at objects he likes or wants. I think he might have a few words down...perhaps some version of "mama" and "dada". Considering its significance and presence in Dey Resano, he might also know "lion", though he might say it as "wion" at this point. As for weight, he's about average for his age.

So I'm gonna say one year, unless it becomes necessary to change that for story purposes.

The only thing I could see that might possibly put a damper on the "1 year" thing is that he seemed awfully... passive for kid that age. 1 year olds are generally past the "baby in a bundle of blankets" stage. (: Not to say that he couldn't be an unusual 1 year old, but... (:

Well, it was very late at night. From my experience (which isn't much), toddlers tend to go quickly from out like a light to making lots of noise at that time of night. I sort of had him at the "out like a light stage", here.

He must sleep more like Kate than Lily, then! (Kate sleeps like the dead). LOL