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A couple of questions related to the opening flashback scene

  1. How far away from the house is the murder scene, and are there windows on that side of the house? (Basically, how big a risk would there have been of someone inside the house seeing it happen?)
  2. What ethnicity is the lovely Yessica? The name seems a bit at odds with the setting of the story (which is England, right?) Is there any un-included background as to why this young lady has this (according to the internet) Spanish name?
  3. In reading the narrator's account of stumbling upon the murder scene, I noted you've given a very vivid description of the visuals, I get the sense of the bite of the cold, and the palpable tension in the air. This time reading it through, though, I noticed the lack of any mention of the smell of blood. Intentional?
  4. Can you explain what effect you hope the inclusion of the Peter Stubbe bits will have?
  5. Does the dream have some symbolic significance?
  6. I note that your narrator seems to ramble quite a bit. Can you explain how this fits into the story?

1. I picture the house being about 50 yards away, are there are big windows on every side of the house. I'm banking on it being dark out and everyone having too much fun at the party to have noses pressed to windows. :-)

2. Ah, Yessica. The version I have posted must be old. You had already convinced me to change her name. lol

3. No, not intentional! Complete oversight! You're the best. :-)

4. The account of Peter Stubbe is part of an actual trial record from Germany and was the original inspiration for Bisclavaret. I wanted to use it as a plot point and story filler. You no like?

5. Symbolic of his sense of hopelessness and fear.

6. The narrator rambles because I do. lol

  1. Ok. (:
  2. If you have a newer version, please send it to me (ideally to the address), and I'll post the new one, with her new name. (:
  3. Looking forward to the full sensory description. (:
  4. At the moment, I'm finding the Peter Stubbe bits a little laborious to read, as they don't seem, at this point, to contribute to the story, much. I would, however, be interested to see what the other readers make of those bits.
  5. I would say that it illustrates his sense of fear, but not that it is symbolic of it. I'm wondering if the cold or the fire in his dream represent something.
  6. Just try not to let the rambling get out of hand, or it could get tough to follow. (:

... I trust you to keep me in check. (-;

... for that newer version you said you had, somewhere... (:

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