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Luther's Personality

I just started re-reading what you posted on Google Drive, so far, and I'm interested in seeing a little summary of what sort of person you consider Luther to be. What motivates him? How competitive is he, really? How confident is he? How does he express himself? Is he more of a formal person, a casual one, or sort of a chameleon (will very seamlessly blend in with whatever group he's with)? What sort of family does he come from? Is he single? Whether he's single or married, how does he feel about that? What are his goals? What does he want out of life? Does he ask too many questions? (Oh, wait- that last one is me! LOL)

I'm presuming that, were the full work complete, I'd have answers to many of these, but I think it would help me help you a bit, if I could get a little bit of an idea, ahead of time, so I can tell you if it seems like he's heading where you want him to head.

Luther has actually not been incredibly well-defined. The early brainstorming filled the timeline some decades later, in which Luther has begun to take on more of a background role. By that point, he has reached an age at which he is fairly fragile. I do plan to have Luther and Stephen (from the other story, The Last Stand of the Third Age, though he will be introduced later on in Royal Heritage) lead the world in a revolution that both opens humanity's eyes to their hypocrisy and deals with a very powerful enemy (with help from several important allies, such as Jabal and Zohar), before claiming their thrones.

I've had a few characters like that - notably Noldar and Margareta, who were both originally created as middle-aged adults, whom I had to regress back to their ages of 20 and 19, respectively, to write TCoS. It can be a very interesting process...

I usually find it helpful to define at least one or two of the character's primary traits, fairly early on, as it helps me figure out what the character would do, in a given situation. Though, sometimes that means I have to change plans on minor plot points - I once had to change a scene, because I realized, in the midst of writing it, that the character would do something totally different than I had sketched out. I've heard that most authors comment on characters taking on a life of their own! LOL

Anyway, part of the reason this came up is that I was starting to get the impression of Luther as an appropriately-mature-for-his-age gentleman with a solid self-esteem (but who is not in the least cocky or arrogant), who is intelligent and articulate (probably well-educated). I was reading what you have written, so far, and somewhere in there, he said something to Jabal like "Wanna (do something or other)", and the "wanna" struck me as being out-of-character phrasing (seems too young/casual for Luther), but then I realized that since I really didn't have a good idea of what Luther's personality was supposed to be like, I really didn't have a basis for pegging that as out of character, as opposed to anything else he said. Just some food for thought...

Yes, rereading it, it does seem a bit out of character. I think, at the time, I was trying to pinpoint the dialect of the 26th century. Of course, taking my first look in some time, I'm seeing quite a few small details I'd like to change.

How much of the 26th century dialect have you worked out? Do you have any notes on it that would be releasable to people other than you? I'm interested to get a feel for what you've envisioned, here!

I haven't, hence my difficulty. When writing something of this sort, I tend to want to regress a few-hundred years in dialect, rather than advance. Especially later in the chronology, when the world feels much more like something in the fantasy genre.

In regards to the idea of supplemental material, I'd like to know a bit about some of the places you plan on writing about (like cities or what-not), and kind of like what Susan does with her stories. I'd love to know about the cultural backdrop of your world.