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Off to, well, some kind of start

I took a picture of "sara-yama" (Dish Mountain), this morning, which I will post, when I have an "after" picture to go along with it! LOL. This morning, I did about 15 minutes worth of dishes, then about 5 more minutes, while I was waiting for the water for my oatmeal to boil (btw, flavor-it-yourself oatmeal on the stove is yummy, healthy, cheap, and not hard to clean up after). Put a bit of a dent in it, though there is still more to do.

My plan was to come back around for another 15 minutes, this afternoon. After breakfast, I sat down to spend an hour on accounts. Unfortunately, my file wouldn't open... and neither would the backup. Turns out I had used a buggy feature in my accounting program, that rendered all my financial records since the beginning of the year inaccessible by that program. A couple internet searches, 2 downloads, and a few hours later, I had finally managed to manually correct the error, and the program could once again open my records. Then, I had to spend a couple more hours on the accounts. It is now about 4:30, and I still haven't taken a second crack at the dishes. But, I've got the accounts handled through about mid-March, so I guess I'll take it, and call it good! LOL Maybe I'll get to do a little more, after dinner! How'd everybody else's efforts go?


Got a bit of shoveling done, before taking Big Girl to school, today, and got the dishwasher unloaded while making hot chocolate for myself and Little Girl. LG and I are about to go "rock the kitchen clean"!

Ok, here's the picture of the sink area, yesterday morning...

And with a bit of help from this:

I have accomplished this:

(You can even click to embiggen the images! :D)