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An Unexpected Harvest

This is for discussion of my short story, "An Unexpected Harvest".

I recently just got reading through an Unexpected Harvest.
I loved the story of Lorethem and Rosewynne before their marriage. Their little scenes where they are stealing kisses and sneaking around makes me think of your typical teenagers in love, with Lorethem acting like the typical teenager. I found them pretty cute.

I love the scene of Rosewynne's mother who knew that Lorethem was hiding in the closet the night of their shocking kiss in front of the party crowd. You can never fool a mother no matter if it is someone else's or your own. :)

Basically, Lorethem turns 20 on the day he is installed as the Duke of Joineth, and Rosewynne is about 2 years younger than he is, so... at least when the story opens up, they ARE teenagers. (:

As for the mother bit, she's practically an aunt to Lorethem and his brothers. (:

Basically, this story kind of explores the whole idea that there is a lot more to love than romance. Also, in trying to make sure that Rosewynne doesn't feel like she was a last resort, Lorethem stumbles on one of the secrets of a good marriage - he makes sure that he gives her the best he has to offer, in all areas.