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A very busy day.

Yesterday, I said phooey on housework (yeah, that's unusual) and just spent the day with the sweet Kenny-Kens.

In the morning, we went to the zoo, then I got really ambitious and Googs and I walked from our house, to the farmer's market, to the chocolate store, to Fire Arts (although that was an accident, I got lost, but Becky was pleased enough to see us, I think) and finally to the library. We were gone for hours, and it felt nice to get some exercise and to be out of the house.

While at the library, the two of us went absolutely hog-wild, and I realized how ridiculous I am. I betcha we brought home fifty pounds of books. I think I need to be easier on Kenny's stroller. I mean, really, do I NEED to know how to protect myself against an alien invasion?* Or how to host the perfect southern funeral?** And obviously my books on organization are doing nothing.

*First, you must exercise MENTAL resistance. You may be initially met with an overwhelming feeling of terror or an inexplicable calm. You must communicate with your thoughts to the aliens. Express outrage that your human rights are being intruded upon. Focus on moving even one tiny part of your body, like a toe or finger. Demand that the aliens leave you alone. Most likely, they will comply.

**Deviled eggs, but in the south I guess they're called "stuffed eggs."