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Personality Assessment conversation

I'm a bit stuck on where to go, from what I have written, so far. Specifically, Kasarah just gave her assessment of Bradlar's personality to Noldar. He's already asked about Tarin, Agate, and Jensen. Should he ask what she thinks of Granton? Should he take the leap to ask what she thinks of him?

I think he should ask. :-)

You think he should ask about what she makes of Granton, as well?

Added about another paragraph to the story - Noldar asks for her impression of Granton...

Ok, Kasarah has the impression that Granton is not sure he likes her. What is actually going on is that Granton has noticed the attraction between Noldar and Kasarah, and is worried about the two of them getting romantically involved (which he thinks would be a bad idea). In other words, he has nothing against her personally, but he's a little uncomfortable with having her around. Noldar would have a pretty good idea of what's going on in Granton's head, on this matter. How do you think he would/should respond to Kasarah's comment about Granton not quite liking her?

I've got this mental image of one of the other brothers (though I can't remember which one) saying something like "Nonsense! Granton's cold on the outside, but inside he's all flowers and bunny rabbits." Then again, since it's been a while since I've read any of your material, I could be mistaking that particular brother for the Weasley twins.

I could see a very comedic scene ensuing, though. Noldar might bring it up to Granton, and tell him he's gotta try to be a bit nicer. I have trouble imagining Granton being particularly friendly with strangers, especially one whose presence he sees as unfavorable. I imagine his attempts might be rather awkward.

... it would be Lorethem. I suppose there is an outside chance it could come out of Dalvan's mouth, as well, but that would not be Noldar phrasing. I can't really see Noldar telling Granton he needs to be nicer, because really, he hasn't been NOT nice, it is just that Kasarah is picking up on the vibe that Granton is not exactly thrilled with her presence.

Ah, yes. I had quite forgotten Kasarah's keen observation skills.

Upon reading what you've got so far, I can't really see Noldar NOT asking her what she thinks of him, as this whole conversation is just a roundabout way of doing just that.

Ok, so he's asked about Granton, and Kasarah has picked up that Granton is perhaps not the most thrilled with her presence. Noldar would probably know darn well that Granton's concern is that she and Noldar will get too involved (romantically). Telling Kasarah that and observing her reaction would probably be a pretty good way to figure out if Kasarah is actually interested in him, but it would be a pretty bold move. Is Noldar going to be that bold? Or should he just make up something about Granton not being used to being around young ladies Kasarah's age, and just not knowing how to deal with them, hence the discomfort? (Which wouldn't be entirely untrue, in and of itself).

I'm writing some more, and I need a consult... where are you all?!

Apologies. I expect to be online a bit more often, as I'm down to one job again. Consult away! :P

I'm trying to figure out what Kasarah says, when Noldar jokingly asks her what she thinks of "that new wizard"... thoughts?

"He asks a lot of questions." Well, I think that might be part of what she'd say. I can see her complimenting him, though also noting that she thinks he might have something to hide. As I can't see her not picking up on a few tiny things.

She has actually picked up on a fair amount. I'm trying to figure out when/where to let the reader in on what she's surmised from this conversation with Noldar.

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