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Upcoming bit character designs

For a future scene, I need to come up with a couple academy buddies for Noldar - 2 to 4 people in the ballpark of his own age that he hung around with, when he was at the Karean academy, that could still be there about a year after he left. These would mostly be underclassmen to Noldar (remember, he started early, and graduated early), and they could be anywhere from slightly younger than Noldar, to slightly older. There is an outside possibility that one of them could have started at the same time as Noldar, and now be basically a grad student (either that, or said buddy would have to have had a gap in the middle of his/her time at the academy.

It is probable that no more than one of these friends is female, and such a female friend would be either already extremely devoted to another guy, or she's devoted to magic to the point that she has decided she's not going to get married, in order to pursue it fully. Noldar would have started being VERY careful about what women he hung around with, starting at about 15 - maybe a bit earlier.

Anybody want to toss out some suggestions for names, descriptions, personality traits, etc? Anybody want to be the model for one? (:

A female friend could also work, if she's a different race than Noldar - a halfling, a gnome, or a full elf MUCH older than he is. A dwarf would not be likely - dwarven sorcerers don't happen on Terralon, and dwarven wizards are so rare as to be legendary.

I like the idea of where you want to take this....
Lemme think of a few ideas and then I'll get back to you on that.