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Who is it that insists Kasarah take a turn cooking?

In TCoS, Kasarah tells a story about "the time someone insisted I take a turn at cooking". Who is it that insists? I'm thinking that up until that point, Bradlar (amiable fellow that he is), would have stepped in and done the cooking, when it would normally have fallen to her, since she really didn't want to do it, and he doesn't mind. So, I doubt it is Bradlar. I also doubt that it would be Jensen(the party leader), if he didn't say anything before then. So, is it...

Noldar (unlikely, I think)

What do you think?

If memory serves, both Noldar and Tarin would be extremely unlikely candidates. I don't remember much about Agate as a character. I could see Granton insisting, though, if Noldar was having a particular difficult day.

That is, on a day that it would normally have been Noldar's turn.

Granton is pretty stoic, for the most part. While he is, in some sense, more than willing to step forward to defend Noldar, either physically, or otherwise, I can't see him feeling it appropriate to object, if Noldar doesn't.

To elaborate a bit: While Noldar is young, Granton does view him as his secondary lord (his primary lord being Noldar's father). Granton has very strong views about rank-based propriety, and to him, Noldar is a nobleman, and Granton is a soldier. You may notice that Granton NEVER attempts to assert any kind of authority over Noldar - he may advise, he may tell him that he objects to something Noldar says/does/decides, he may remind him what his father would think about whatever, but he will never actually intervene, against Noldar's will.

Since Noldar made it pretty clear, the first night (with the latrine incident), that he intends to do whatever task is assigned to him (not even letting Granton do it for him, voluntarily), I can't see Granton insisting that somebody else should do a task, instead of Noldar.

Quite frankly, even if Noldar thought somebody else should do a task, instead of him, in Granton's view, all the diplomacy/people stuff is the province of a nobleman, and he will leave that to Noldar. Granton will only speak up in the case of grave insult (which, in his mind, a nobleman having to dig a latrine came close - though you may notice that he attempted to address that directly with Noldar, not with Jensen, who assigned the task).

All of this is, of course, the really long way of saying that Granton might THINK somebody else should do it, but he would never say so, without Noldar's leave.

I can't see Granton speaking up about this one. I know that Noldar made up something when Kasarah made a remark about not thinking Granton approved of her (Noldar thinks it's because Granton sees a difference between them socially, but obviously didn't want to say that in front of her) and tried to explain it away by saying he was a little awkward around young women. But such an observation still seems within Granton's character. I just can't see him giving orders to Kasarah.

Does it have to be a person who is still with the party? Maybe it was someone who was only joining them temporarily.

... but I really don't think I want to try to come up with another character to join the party. Really, they've kind of got everybody they need, just now. I think it is going to have to be Tarin, at a time when he's mad at Kasarah.

It wouldn't have to be someone who joins the party, it could be random unnamed guy. You know, the type of person who usually ends up dead first in a horror film.

Why would someone who is not in the party insist that Kasarah take a turn cooking for the party? And even if they did, why would the party listen, at all?

I've been musing that maybe Tarin might, if he's in a foul mood, at the time, over Kasarah choosing to spend more time with Noldar than with him. Opinions?

Okay, yes, I could see that.

... the more I think I might go with Tarin. I mean, he would know that Kasarah never takes a turn cooking, and either she'd have told him she was a terrible cook, or he assumes she just doesn't like it.

If she told him she was a bad cook, I think he underestimates just how bad she is at it - I don't know that he'd intentionally suffer that terrible a meal, over this, but if he assumes she's just "not so hot", and that the "Royal Brat" probably has really high standards... He might think that Noldar finding out she's a bad cook might discourage his interest in Kasarah.

If he thinks she just doesn't like cooking, it might be his little jab at her, for rejecting him.

Would Tarin not be more likely to suggest Noldar do it if he feels Noldar and Kasarah are spending too much time together? That keeps Noldar busy and Kasarah, potentially, available?

Basically, everybody has some sort of task. If Kasarah isn't cooking, she'd be setting up the tent, gathering wood, digging the latrine, or something, most likely - having Noldar cook would not be any more effective at keeping her and Noldar apart than having her cook. I think that Bradlar usually takes Kasarah's turn. I'm thinking that, especially if this is after Kasarah tells him that trying to bully Noldar is the stupidest approach ever, he might be a little angry at her, too, and seek to inconvenience her, just a bit, as mildly petty revenge.

I don't remember if I already mentioned that, while he knows she prefers to avoid cooking, he really has no idea just how bad of a cook she is, otherwise he wouldn't have done it. (:

Again, I can't see Noldar insisting she cook, nor Granton, nor Bradlar, nor Jensen, which pretty much leaves Tarin or Agate. If Agate, why would she suddenly insist Kasarah take a turn, when she never has, before?

... it has already been established that, at some point SOMEBODY insists Kasarah take a turn. I need to know WHO does, and it needs to make some sort of sense. Are you saying that you think there is no way it would be Tarin?