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Week of 2013/05/27

Greetings, Flybuddies!

Here in the Becker house, we just got back from a Memorial Day weekend trip out of state. While not a TOTAL wreck, the house does show signs of scrambling to depart, last Saturday, and stumbling in last night, too late to do all of the unpacking, etc.

I haven't been doing very well, of late, getting my 15 minutes of cleaning done. So, I've decided to try something new. In an attempt to get two 15-minute sessions in, four days a week, I have set 2 alarms on my iPod - one for 11:00am, and one for 2:30pm. If I have not done my 15 minutes, before the alarm goes off, I have to get up, right then, set a timer for 15 minutes, and go. I'll post more on how this is working, as the week goes on.

BTW, this week we're in Zone 5 - the living room.