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Tarin's Reaction

I'm considering what Tarin's reaction would be to observing the latest interaction between Noldar and Kasarah (the session with the locks), from a distance. Particularly, what impression does seeing Noldar's hasty scramble to put a little distance between them leave on Tarin?

I think Tarin might take that as a sign that Noldar has finally found something he's not good at.

... though I'm mostly thinking "how does Tarin feel about that?" I mean, is he disdainful? Sympathetic? Incredulous? Some combination thereof?

Perhaps laughing to himself but interrupted by an attack of conscience? Or attack of realization that he hasn't been all that amazing in his interactions with Kasarah as of late, either. And maybe leaving a bit of doubt in his mind as to exactly what Noldar's intentions with Kasarah were in the first place, as he previously appeared to be trying to get close to her, but seems to cringe when progress is made.

Yeah, I think his reaction is going to be quite all over the place. This is going to be an interesting challenge to write.

May be a toughy...but the inner argument Tarin has with himself might help to give a little more life to the idea that Tarin's actually a good guy.

Right now, I'm thinking that his initial reaction is "Wow, that guy is AFRAID of girls(derisive)... or maybe just Kasarah(loses the derisive edge, as he recalls his own last late night conversation with her)... (starts experiencing a not-entirely-wanted surge of sympathy)... Well, hey, either way, it looks like he won't really be able to get all THAT close to her, after all... guess I don't have all that much to worry about... maybe all I have to do is wait (settles in to a little bit more neutral an attitude toward Noldar, at least for the time being)". Of course, he gets thrown for a loop all over again, when the Big Reveal happens. At that point, Tarin starts to assume that Noldar's hesitancy to get too close to Kasarah is because he doesn't want to get involved with a "commoner", and that Noldar must therefore be toying with Kasarah... which is where things start to go further downhill.

Some part of my brain wonders if he should discuss it with Bradlar, but it would be tough for that conversation to be at all private, which I don't think would work.

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