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Upcoming jerkitude

As I have mentioned to some of you, in the past, I need to come up with a bunch of ways for Tarin to be a jerk to Noldar.

I recently had an inspiration to make this series of events very telling, about Tarin's character. You see, really, Tarin is a really good and honest guy - he's just got a case of the "teenage stupids" over a girl, for a bit. He wants to see Noldar inconvenienced and embarrassed, but not injured or really abused. For example, he may well try to knock Noldar's stew all over him, but first he makes sure that there's enough stew that Noldar will still be able to have some dinner. Making a mess is totally something he would do. Making someone go hungry is not. That's just crossing a line.

So, anybody have any ideas for jerkitude, possibly with specific precautions to keep it from getting actually abusive?

Hide his spellbooks. Typical teenage revenge prank.

... if he knew. Basically, I'm pretty sure Tarin would have a clue that getting caught doing that would get him(Tarin) pitched out of the party. It would be like hiding the fighter's weapons, and I think he'd consider that beyond the pale.

Perhaps something else then. Something that doesn't have importance to the party as a whole, but still has a level of value to Noldar personally.

I actually thought of "what if Tarin just tries to slip something obnoxious (but harmless) in Noldar's spellbook, as a bookmark?", but then realized that Noldar probably has his book warded with a spell that lets him know if somebody is tampering with it. Anybody want to see Tarin get busted for trying?

Taking Tarin as he's been behaving, definitely. Remembering that he's actually a good guy and eventually becomes very good friends with Noldar, not so much.

He could start to hand something to Noldar, and as Noldar reaches for it, drop it. He would think that would make Noldar appear clumsy or foolish. But what would he be handing him? His eating utensils, maybe? Noldar would have to wash them, which would be inconvenient. But he wouldn't go hungry. And maybe after dropping them, Tarin could give a half-hearted, obviously fake apology.

I was thinking that if there was some kind of medicine or a spell that needed a certain ingredient, perhaps a quick sneaky switch of one of the important ingredients would be a prank.

... but the problem there is that A) messing with a spell could be REALLY dangerous, and B)Tarin wouldn't know enough about that sort of thing to be able to reasonably tamper with it.

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