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Week of 2013/03/11

Greetings, Flybuddies! This week's zone covers the bathroom and laundry area. My one accomplishment so far this week was the mostly emptying of the laundry basket that sits on top of the dryer. I got most of the stuff that had been sitting in in for a while folded and put away. (There are still a few things in the bottom, but it's better than it was; no pictures, sorry). Today, I'm having a serious case of "I don' wanna". Anybody have a cup of motivation I can borrow?


It figures that I decide I don't feel like cleaning the bathroom, so the universe conspires to make sure that I'm in there, anyways - Lily wanted me to help her give her baby doll a bath in the bathroom sink. I took the hint, and while her doll soaked in the sink, Lily and I wiped down the walls, and I cleaned the mirrors. I have not cleaned the toilet yet (a task for which I'm sure I'll have a couple of volunteers), nor much of the tub (a task for which I will probably NOT have volunteers), but hey - better than it was, right?


Pass some along to me.