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Stalled Coming Out of The Gate

Doesn't it just figure? Last night, I finished my "resolution" entry, then started turning out the lights and such, in preparation for going to bed, filled with resolution for the next day. I was just thinking about how I would go check on KatyBeth, who was sleeping on the futon in her room, and transfer her to her crib, when I heard a squeak, and saw a small figure toddling into the hall. I went and picked her up, and thought for a moment that she was actually going to just go back to sleep on my shoulder. Suffice it to say, she didn't.

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Alright! That's It! Time for a 2009 Resolution

I don't usually get into the whole New Year's Resolution thingy, but I think that I'm about due for a change in my life, and it approximately coincides. I need a schedule. Not an hour-by-hour schedule (I'm not fool enough to think I could manage that, with a not-especially predictable toddler), but a day by day schedule. Such as: Dishes on Monday, Vacuuming on Tuesday, Clean bathroom on Wednesday, Accounts on Thursday, Writing on Friday (maybe?). I'm going to set my watch alarm to get up a couple hours earlier than I have been, of late, on a daily basis.

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Where Does the Time Go?

I feel like I'm behind on everything. This is largely due to the fact that I have a clever and curious toddler, who has a talent for getting into anything I must take out of anywhere, to get something done.

Have Yourself A Healthy Little Christmas

First off, in my last post I promised I'd pick up with the Saturday evening where my narrative ended. Well, it has been long enough that I've mostly forgotten what I wanted to say, aside from the fact that we went to see a play that was put on by the university where my mother works, and in which she was in the chorus... in very bad weather. KatyBeth was very good, as one-year-olds at theatre events go, climbing relatively quietly between my lap and those of Arazyr and my brother and his wife.

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December's Misadventures

I seem to be on an approximately once-a-month blogging schedule, if by "schedule" you mean "almost completely random occurrence". I've never had any real long-term success on anything resembling journalling (if that's a word), so I suppose it should come as no surprise, especially when you add in the very large factor of a very small person in my life. I must also say that since I seldom get any comments, it very much feels like I'm talking to myself.

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Top Ten Things Occupying My Time

These are the top ten things occupying my time, over the last 2 weeks:
1) KatyBeth
2) Replacing the bookcase that half-collapsed on Halloween
3) KatyBeth
4) Redecorating the bathroom
5) KatyBeth
6) Christmas knitting
7) KatyBeth
8) Preparing to repair a hole in my mother-in-law's wall
9) KatyBeth

See a pattern, here?

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I Think My Child May Be A Genius - Pity Me

My baby girl is eleven months old, today. She's an early walker (took her first confirmed unsupported steps 2 months ago) and a climber. She gets into everything. For weeks, she's been pulling stuff out of the lower drawers in the kitchen (we keep only large, blunt things like spoons and the potato masher in there), which she then leaves strewn all over the floor. Within the last week, she started opening the cabinet with the flour and oil, and such.

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In a Whirl

I can hardly believe it has been nearly a month since I last blogged... Time goes by so quickly, these days. It is amazing how completely one tiny girl can occupy a life. My job hunt continues slowly, and not very optimistically. It seems like everything that sounds interesting is wanting some extremely specialized experience. I am starting to consider at what point I should perhaps think about a career switch. The silver lining is that at least I get to stay with my baby... who is less a baby, and more a little girl, each day.

Lazy Day

KatyBeth and I have declared this a Lazy Day, to make up for the insanity that yesterday ended up being. Now, having read that, you might be imagining long lists of things getting accomplished. You'd be wrong. In fact, I only really got one thing done - making a bunch of these:

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The Quiet Hours

It is just after midnight, and KatyBeth is asleep in her crib. I dare to hope that this is a sign that my recent attempts to shift her schedule are working, but I'm sensible enough that I have to admit that this has not been going on for long enough to establish a pattern. I probably should go to bed, about now, as I had a really bad night, last night, but I need a bit of time to enjoy the quiet. Baby didn't go to sleep until about 1:30, which put me to bed around 2, only to have a major "fidgety attack" that left me unable to sleep.

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