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Domestic Fit

I expected to have gone on some major cleaning binges, this week, but so far, at least, I haven't. This is possibly because I'm still running pretty short on sleep. This is not, however, to say that I haven't had some variety of domestic fits. I've gone on minor cleaning binges, I actually cooked dinner, over the weekend, I actually walked to the mall with the kids, yesterday, I've developed a wicked case of finish-it-up-itis in my knitting, and I've got homemade granola in the oven.

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Once again, I should probably be in bed, but I recently got up from an evening nap, and Arazyr and the girls are asleep, so I'm taking a bit of time to enjoy the quiet, and a bit of time to myself.

Holding Pattern

Today is my birthday. My second child is now 3 days (going to be at least 4) late, since at this hour, it is unlikely I could start and finish labor before midnight. I mean, I've only got an hour and a half until then. Over the past few days, my capacity for being able to do much of anything has degraded even further. This pregnancy has gotten pretty debilitating, and I feel like a total invalid.

An Experience I Hope Never to Have to Repeat

Good evening everyone, and welcome to my latest blog post, brought to you (like so many of them) by insomnia.

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Well, here I am, once again, sitting up knitting. It isn't as ludicrously late as it often gets, when I'm sitting up, but since I haven't gotten to bed and to sleep yet, it still might get there. I'm having fewer issues with heartburn these days, thank heaven, but that hasn't meant I've been sleeping any better - it just means I end up sitting up late, for fewer reasons. Last night, my incipient little flamenco dancer apparently decided it was time for a recital, just about the time I was trying to lie down, and drift off. I was up until about 2 am.

Where is the logic?

I actually got a good 8+ hours of sleep, last night, but I am, quite frankly, exhausted. I'm feeling tired, weak, and have actually had dizzy spells after stretching while sitting down. Yesterday, I was doing much better, alertness-wise, on less than 6 hours. Where is the logic, I ask you?

Do You Remember Sleep?

It is way too late for me to be up, yet here I am. My husband and daughter are apparently (and fortunately) blissfully asleep, but after lying sleepless in bed for more than half an hour, I decided I might as well get up and knit. I did have a nap, this evening, but that shouldn't be keeping me up, as I was short on sleep from last night, and I do feel tired. The baby is not kicking me awake, nor do I have heartburn (I've found a bedtime snack of banana smoothie seems to at least dampen that issue).

Sorrow and Memoriam

I was thinking, earlier this evening, that I was going to write a blog entry about all the things I have on the needles, and how I'm trying to figure out how I'll possibly get it all done even remotely on time... and then I logged onto Facebook.

Ridiculously early

It is just after 6 am, and I have been studying for an hour. My last Anatomy & Physiology exam is this evening, and I just finished a (probably) final review of the last of the material to be covered. Hopefully my brain is functional enough that the information will stick.

One Little Kitten...

... lost her mittens, and she began to cry... "Want mittens back!"

However, the little blue mittens, handknit from fingering weight merino wool that my darling girl picked out from the yarn store, herself, were nowhere to be found. Returning to the produce market (our only previous stop on our errands run), and conducting a search also failed to yield the mittens. Ditto with having a staff member check the lost and found. The mittens were just gone.


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