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A Strange Family

This morning, I put fresh batteries in KatyBeth's baby doll (it's the kind that says, "mama", and general baby babbles). This delighted my soon-to-be-three year old, who has been walking around cuddling the doll ever since, proclaiming (as one would expect) that she is the baby doll's mama. Lily is also fascinated with the doll, smiling whenever it babbles, and often reaching for her. In an unsurprising addition to the game of pretend, the baby doll's mama declared Lily to be "the baby doll's big sister".

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Look What I Found!

I've been going on cleaning binges, all week (and let me tell you, while the house is far from perfect, it looks WAY better than it did), and this morning I found the romper that I knit before Lily was born. Knowing I have larger than average babies, I made it bigger than the pattern instructed, for a newborn. Unfortunately, I apparently WAY overdid it, and she about swam in it:

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As Usual...

... I should be in bed. Instead, I'm up - knitting, listening to podcasts, blogging, and enjoying the quiet. Last night, Kate fell asleep rather early, and actually slept through. She got up relatively (but not ridiculously early), scoring probably about 12 hours of sleep. She was great, all morning. Come afternoon, however, fatigue started setting in, and, as usual, she wouldn't take a nap. I got her to snuggle up with me on the couch, while Lily slept for maybe three minutes, before she was up and moving again. She started getting squirrely.

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Not Like I Planned

Well, folks, here I am, again, up late. We had a nice little succession of little girls keeping others awake. First, Kate did a bang-up job of keeping Daddy up too late, while Lily kept me up, then Lily fell asleep, and I tried to put her in bed, and take over getting Kate to sleep, sending Arazyr off to bed. Kate woke up Lily, who then hindered Kate's falling asleep process, and prevented mine. Finally, Kate fell asleep, and I took Lily into Mommy and Daddy's room, hoping to be able to nurse her to sleep, and drift off, myself.

On Cue...

Hey, look! I'm managing to blog, after only about 2 weeks of gap. I was going to start off by describing the peacefulness of this late morning, as I sit here, up, dressed, breakfasted, and having gotten the dishwasher going, with the kids still sleeping, but just as I began to type, Kate came wandering down the hall in her pajamas, carrying her stuffed Baby Elmo toy, and the box that serves as his bed. I supposed I should probably go check on Lily, soon. She was sleeping peacefully, after the "upside down" diaper change I accomplished, earlier this morning.

Drive-by blogging

Just because I've got the strange desire to make a list of what I've done, today (possibly because I'm not sure I want to think too much about how much around here still needs to be done, here are my accomplishments for the day, so far:
• change diapers of a serial-pooping baby
• amuse said baby, who apparently decided that 4am was playtime, by letting her try to eat my hair
• eat breakfast (a bigger accomplishment than you might think, around here)
• straighten out a problem with an online catalog order I made recently
• unload the dishwasher

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Catching up

...and, it is another late night blogging session, this time from my new iPod Touch. I actually got it a while ago, but it was after my last post. Typing is a bit weird on this thing, but I can reasonably thumb type, with a baby on my lap. I really can't do regular typing without running a substantial risk of disturbing my secondborn, as she nurses to sleep. My little darling is often quite the little bottomless pit, and today was definitely one of those days. While I certainly don't begrudge her the milk, it is a little impossible to do much else, while she's dining.

The Wee Hours, with a Wee Girl

Once again, I'm up late, with a sleepy baby on my lap, with only my knitting and the computer for company. Fortunately, I don't require a lot of company. I actually quite like having just a bit of quiet time more or less to myself. It is something I rarely get, these days, as a parent of two small children.

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A Rare Ailment

It would appear that I have contracted an affliction rare to knitters... That's right - finishitupitis. In the past three weeks, I have finished 3 works in progress (one of which was cast on nearly 10 months ago. My current main project is a pair of lace socks that I have restarted, after having to frog the first sock, for coming out too small.

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Cute Toddlerisms

Just because, here's a list of things that KB says that strike me as particularly cute. Please excuse my mom-ness...

"Snow White and the Seven Dorves"
"I'm a cwanky baby"
"Aw.... what's wong, Wiwy-bud?" (said to baby sister)
"I know, honey" (also said to baby sister)
"I'm wike a pwincess!"
"My baby is cute!" (said OF baby sister)
"I'm just like my Gwampa!" (said when she puts on a hat)

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