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Wonders Never Cease

Well, will you look at that - a blog entry after a mere 6 month silence! Yeah, I know - I'm a terrible blogger. But that's ok, because all you non-existent readers are a terrible audience! There you go, we deserve each other.

This semester has been a little crazy. Nursing courses are, in my humble opinion, under-CRed (Credit hour Rated). Why yes, I am a gamer geek - thank you for noticing! Anyway, this basically means that my credit load of 7 credits looks deceptively low on paper, but really, I'm basically at my limit. I'm pretty sure that an assignment I submitted Sunday night was past the deadline (sort of got lost in the chaos of other assignments, the previous week), but I figured I might as well do it and turn it in anyway. Maybe the professors will deign to give me partial credit, maybe they won't, but if isn't just busywork, there's a point to doing it, whether or not it helps my grade, right?

Anyway, I'm on break from school, this week (theoretically spring break, I believe), which means that I only have a care plan to write, a presentation to do, and a term paper to start in addition to general studying, and the assignment I knocked off, today.

Because I'm me, despite the recent academically-based chaos, I have been unable to resist starting another little project or two. This time, I did some work on the wildspace forums, and am now pestering my friends to post in them. I figure it'll give me a way to have some interaction with them, when we can't be online at the same time - like when my littlest night owl keeps me up stupidly late (she's in that nap stage in which none isn't enough, and one is too many).

I think I've gotten about 5 hours of sleep, each of the last two nights. I'm bored and fatigued (yes, I am suffering penalties to most of my rolls). In fact, I think I just failed my skill check to come up with an appropriate end to this post. What do you think? Would that most appropriately land under Read/Write, Linguistics, Profession(Writer), or Craft(blog post)?

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I think you're fabulous and your hard work will pay off soon. You are an inspiration.