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Too Much to Tweet

So...after yet another long hiatus, I decided today, on my way home from class, that I have a burning desire to blog, again. At least, to blog today. Perhaps because I have enough to say that I don't care to cram it into tweets.

The morning started out a bit on the questionable side. I stepped out the door about 5 minutes “early”, and set to brushing off my car. By the time I finished, and got in the car, I was about 8 minutes behind schedule. The subdivision was, expectedly, a bit sloppy, but not too bad, until I got to where I exit it, to a main road. I'd like to clarify that when I got a chance to make my exit, I had no particular problems, but that I spent I'm not sure how long watching a woman in front of me (driving a much smaller vehicle than mine), do the “sawing back and forth” maneuver about 10 times, before she made it through the plow ridge between the main road and the side street. The roads between here and school were a crazy mix of “hey, this isn't too bad”, followed by “this is hideous”, a mere mile and a half down the same road. I got to school about 25 minutes late. Fortunately, I was not, by far, the only one who was late, and the instructor delayed the beginning of class (as she often does, in inclement weather), so I really didn't miss anything. In case you're wondering, the instructor can do this, because we have lecture, then about a 40 minute break, then lab – everybody in the class has this arrangement, no class in between, so there is some buffer time, if she has to start and end lecture late.

Lab was busy, but, despite a couple of “bad brain” moments (fortunately recoverable), went fairly well, culminating in finally getting a really good Gram stain. I was totally geeked. It is probably just as well that there was no time to get a shot of it with the microscope with the camera on it, otherwise I'd probably have been carrying it around with me all day, trying to get people to admire it. I was forcibly reminded of a story the Yarn Harlot once told about trying to make the cat admire the lace shawl she made. We need to get pictures of some stuff for our lab notebooks by the end of the term, and if I get a really good one, you will likely be seeing it here, just because.

Lily had her one-year check up at the pediatrician's office, today. She charmed everybody in the office, and was quite the little trooper through three immunization shots, and a blood draw. She fussed, but did not get to her seriously distressed cry, and didn't even do the fussing until about halfway through the procedures.

Between class, taking Lily to the doctor, and then taking a nap (Lily fell asleep in the car, and Kate was playing in the snow with the babysitter), I didn't actually interact with Kate a whole lot, today, but she's been very good – no fussing about not going with Mommy and Lily to the doctor's office, took a nap after coming inside (okay, sounds like she just zonked, while hiding under the covers on her bed, while playing Hide and Seek with the babysitter, once they came in, but still...), and apparently wore underpants instead of training pants for most of the day, with no accidents. After having her dinner late (she slept through the regular dinner time), she ate her supper, then actually talked about wanting to go back to bed. Then she said, “oh yeah, I forgot... I don't want tooth decay”, and brushed her teeth with no fuss (I recently gave her the tooth decay talk, since she had been regularly asking to skip brushing). I think it is probably time for some sort of big girl reward...

Anyway, with all this going on (not to mention my Microbiology Lab Midterm approaching rapidly), I haven't had much time for my yarn. Currently, I'm working on crocheting Lily's birthday afghan (late – a fact that I resigned myself to, when the yarn I originally ordered for it was placed on backorder), and taking another shot at a new pair of convertible mittens for myself (out of yarn that arrived, that I barely remembered ordering, and am not sure of the originally intended project). One of my original pair got lost, and then, the one I was knitting to replace it also disappeared – needles and all! I'm still baffled by that one... Anyway... the replacement convertibles are my new mobile project, since the afghan has gotten too big to cart around much of anywhere, and I decided to rip out the socks I had been making (when I was a couple inches into the second sock), because I wasn't liking them.

Well... Lily is asleep on my lap, so I think I'm going to try to go put her in bed, then follow suit, myself... Good night, all!