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Look What I Found!

I've been going on cleaning binges, all week (and let me tell you, while the house is far from perfect, it looks WAY better than it did), and this morning I found the romper that I knit before Lily was born. Knowing I have larger than average babies, I made it bigger than the pattern instructed, for a newborn. Unfortunately, I apparently WAY overdid it, and she about swam in it:

Although the sweater and hat that went with it were of a better fit. I was rather disappointed, figuring that her size and its would probably coincide long about June, when it's way too hot to be wearing a wool/alpaca blend. However, here's what the romper looks like on her, now:

Pretty much just right, just as the weather is beginning to cool down! (: The hat is now too small, but maybe I'll have to dig out the sweater, and see about that...

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