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As Usual...

... I should be in bed. Instead, I'm up - knitting, listening to podcasts, blogging, and enjoying the quiet. Last night, Kate fell asleep rather early, and actually slept through. She got up relatively (but not ridiculously early), scoring probably about 12 hours of sleep. She was great, all morning. Come afternoon, however, fatigue started setting in, and, as usual, she wouldn't take a nap. I got her to snuggle up with me on the couch, while Lily slept for maybe three minutes, before she was up and moving again. She started getting squirrely. I had to get stern, when she started ignoring me when I told her to stop doing various things that I didn't want her doing, right then (but that would be acceptable, at other times, just not while the baby is sleeping), triggering minor meltdowns. Then, during a change of training pants, she decided to try to jump into the pants, both feet at the same time and ended up accidentally head-butting me right in the eyebrow. Mommy needed a time out, at that point, with some ice. This sent Kate into more significant meltdown. Anyway, it was not an especially fun afternoon.

So, here I am, blogging, and knitting. I'm going to need to check my queue here, soon, and plan my next mobile project. For at home, I'm working on the second of two baby sweaters, for a friend who is expecting twins. I made one, and Arazyr was going to make the other, but he judged, from how long his swatching was taking, that he was unlikely to finish in time, so... onto my queue it went. I knit faster than he does, and I grab more opportunities to knit, so I produce quite a lot more than he does. The "sociology socks" as I have come to call them (since I mostly worked on them in class - no, the professor doesn't mind me knitting - he knows I'm paying attention) got finished this week, and baby sweater number 2 begun. They're small and simple, and go pretty quickly... I'll probably have the second one done, before the weekend is over. I've got a small lace project on the needles, but that can only be worked on, when I can access the chart. Hmm... I might actually be able to do that, in class... I'll have to think about that, some more... Anyway, I'm also starting to consider the Christmas knitting, and have started gathering "orders" from family members. I decided I'm doing Christmas knitting mostly by request only, this year. We'll see how it works out.

It seems to me I had more I was going to say, but I'm blanking at the moment, so... until next time.

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