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Not Like I Planned

Well, folks, here I am, again, up late. We had a nice little succession of little girls keeping others awake. First, Kate did a bang-up job of keeping Daddy up too late, while Lily kept me up, then Lily fell asleep, and I tried to put her in bed, and take over getting Kate to sleep, sending Arazyr off to bed. Kate woke up Lily, who then hindered Kate's falling asleep process, and prevented mine. Finally, Kate fell asleep, and I took Lily into Mommy and Daddy's room, hoping to be able to nurse her to sleep, and drift off, myself. No such luck - she decided she'd rather flop around, probably waking Arazyr up (though he didn't say anything, or give much else in the way of indication of his consciousness), and preventing my sleep. I ended up getting up and bringing her out to the living room, figuring that at least this way, she shouldn't be keeping anybody else up... though her yelling a few minutes ago did not help anything, I'm sure. Sometimes it's a darn good thing they're so cute. It can be hard not to smile even when you're being kept awake, when it is by a tiny girl happily blowing baby raspberries.

I'm now 2 weeks into my summer class - Sociology. The class is, to put it mildly, not what I expected. This is quite a trick, considering that my only expectations were that it would be kind of interesting, and that I'd learn something. For more info on my disillusionment (is that a word?) with the class, see my recent Facebook status. Oh, well... 5 weeks to go, and I'll have it over and done with. And, the professor doesn't mind if I knit in class, so at least I'll get a pair of socks out of it.

    On the knitting front...
  1. I've finished most of Arazyr's iPod case. I need to put the pockets on it, but the ball of yarn is MIA. I'll resume, when I find it.
  2. I completed one of the "sociology socks", today, cast on the second, and got a couple inches of cuff done, while watching a movie, in class.
  3. The lace project is still sitting in the same stage it was, last time I mentioned it - lately, I've either not had enough time, or not been in the right mindset to work on lace.
  4. The scrapghan has not been touched, and probably won't be for a while, as it is going to quickly get too big to have an my lap, during the summer heat.
  5. ... not to mention that I have a baby sweater project coming up - I just have to obtain the yarn.
  6. The Cabled Monstrosity has likewise not been touched, for reasons that are a combination of those already presented for the lace and the scrapghan.

So much to knit... so little time...

Well, Lily seems to have finally dropped off in her bouncy chair, again, so... I'm going to put her back to bed, and get a snack (I'm starving), then try for sleep, myself... Good night, all.

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