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Drive-by blogging

Just because I've got the strange desire to make a list of what I've done, today (possibly because I'm not sure I want to think too much about how much around here still needs to be done, here are my accomplishments for the day, so far:
• change diapers of a serial-pooping baby
• amuse said baby, who apparently decided that 4am was playtime, by letting her try to eat my hair
• eat breakfast (a bigger accomplishment than you might think, around here)
• straighten out a problem with an online catalog order I made recently
• unload the dishwasher
• reload dishwasher, to the soundtrack of screaming baby (no longer happy in play yard)
• run dishwasher (baby still screaming)
• explain to toddler (over screaming baby) that I don't know why doesn't seem to be responding
• cuddle baby, and nurse her to sleep
• put little girls' clean laundry away
• put clean covers back on couch cushions
• put load of diapers in dryer
• put afghan in washer
• attend to multiple "unbalanced" alarms
• get interrupted by now-awake baby

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