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One Little Kitten...

... lost her mittens, and she began to cry... "Want mittens back!"

However, the little blue mittens, handknit from fingering weight merino wool that my darling girl picked out from the yarn store, herself, were nowhere to be found. Returning to the produce market (our only previous stop on our errands run), and conducting a search also failed to yield the mittens. Ditto with having a staff member check the lost and found. The mittens were just gone.

Since my itinerary included another stop at the yarn store, anyway, I bought another skein of the yarn from which they had been made, and began another pair. Since toddler in December, in Michigan - mittens = bad idea, I dropped all other projects to work on them. I was pleased with my efforts - 48 hours later, I had another pair of mittens, this one joined by an integral cord. It is possible that the 5 stitch I-cord string, about as big around as my little girl's thumb, might be a bit of overkill, but darn it, my child shall not be mittenless in the Michigan winter, again.