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Long Overdue Update

Hey, look! It is another of my infrequent blog entries... not that it matters, as I don't think much of anybody reads this stuff, anyway, but...

I'm done with my nutrition class, and while I haven't gotten my official grade, yet, I know I'm getting an A - I got something like 96% of the possible points in the class, and that comes up as an A, pretty much no matter how you slice it. So... one class down.

Near the end of that class, I had a brief period of really bad back problems, which rather slowed me down for a bit. There was one day that was so bad that I literally could not go from sitting to standing, or vice versa, without assistance. Arazyr had to lift me in and out of sitting positions, which of course, didn't help his back any. That was really debilitating, let me tell you. My back has occasionally been sore in spots, before, but nothing like this. I seriously hope that I NEVER have to go through anything like that, again. Even after that day, it took several days of needing to lean on a cane to get up and down. As I told people at the time, I'd rather go through labor again - at least that was over within the space of less than a day, instead of taking several. It also didn't restrict my movement nearly as much.

Back on the school front, I've just started my fall class - Anatomy & Physiology. Looks like it is going to be a fair amount of work, but it also should be interesting. The instructor seems pretty nice - she even told me that since I'm pregnant, I could get out of the dissections, if I thought they'd cause me a problem. I think I'll be ok, though. One of the more interesting things about the class is that I have a very old friend in it, with me. She and I first met in kindergarten. That's right - kindergarten. Then, her family moved. A few years later, my family moved. We ended up in the same elementary school again, and then the same junior high and high school, even though we never were actually in the same class after kindergarten. We totally lost track of each other after high school and after, until we both ran into a mutual friend online, and met up again, right around the time KB was born. And now, here we are, after all these years, back in school together. It should be cool, though - she lives close by, so we can carpool and study together fairly easily, and it is nice to have at least one person in the class that I already know.

That is, essentially, my current life in a nutshell, aside from trying to keep up with a 21-month-old that is now talking more and more (is it my imagination, or does she get cuter, the more she talks?), and utterly failing to keep up with the housework and yardwork. Oh, and trying to make ends meet, since Arazyr's last job dried up. Keep us in your prayers, all...

... my daughter is trying to shove her legs into the sleeves of one of her little sweatshirts... just goes to show that life does usually provide a little comic relief, when things get tough.

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