A Break For Prayer

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I got a call from a friend of mine, recently, with some very bad news - her 20-year-old daughter was found to have cancerous cells in her cervix. Fortunately, it seems to have been caught very early, and it is believed that it can be handled via "freeze and burn", which doesn't sound pleasant, but nonetheless sounds a heck of a lot better than radiation or chemo. Further on the down side, however, is that the daughter has no insurance. One can only guess how long this will all take to play out, and how much damage, medical and financial shall be sustained by all involved. I have set aside most of my knitting projects to make a simple (but plenty large) prayer shawl, which I hope to deliver, the next time we go visit my friend, which should be in a couple of weeks.

All those who are so inclined, please pray.

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You move me to tears, my

You move me to tears, my beloved friend. I have NO IDEA what I ever did to deserve you in my life. I just hope God doesn't ever realize you were meant for someone else... :'-)