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Random Thoughts, #whatever

I feel like I seldom blog, though when I look at my history, it appears this is now my 48th blog post (how did I get to that many?), and at least of late, it looks like I've been managing to write something about once a week. Odd, isn't it?

Totally skipping topics, I've been keeping busy, as usual, mostly with KatyBeth. Yesterday, I think she was going a bit stir crazy with staying inside the house (she's definitely her mother's daughter). Around noon, she picked up one of her socks from where she'd left it when last she pulled it off, started waving it around, and went and started pointing to the knob on the front door. It was reasonably mild out, so I thought "why not?", and we bundled up and headed outside. She toddled along the sidewalk, while I played herd dog, to keep her from heading down driveways to the street. She kept making her little "woof woof" noise, suggesting that she was looking for doggies. We didn't see any, on our little trip around the block, though we did see some dried out evidence of such on a neighbor's lawn (which I made her drop, when she picked it up). At one point, we saw two ladies walking, across the street, and KB giggled and squealed in delight. She was so happy to see people, you'd think that I'd been keeping the kid in box for the last month. I decided that running an errand or two would do us both some good - I could stand to get out somewhere, if only to the store, and KB would obviously love to see more people. However, since we'd had that little doggie doodoo episode, and at one point, she'd tripped over her little toddler feet, and gotten a minor scrape on one hand, I figured we should go in the house, and wash hands, first (plus, we needed to grab the diaper bag, anyway). She threw a huge fuss, when I took her back inside. It only lessened slightly, when I explained we were going to come back out. It didn't stop until she saw we were heading for the door, again. She did seem to enjoy pointing at all the people in the grocery store (though, man, groceries add up fast), and I let her run around the fabric store a bit (got a zipper for the little hooded sweater I made her, found no sale yarn), though keeping her out of merchandise was tricky. I have to wonder at this point if I'm boring everybody who isn't me. This is my life, horribly exciting, isn't it?

Anyway... knitting. Yeah, I should write about knitting. I've come down with a bit of a case of startitis, as I go full steam ahead on my desire to stash-bust. Now, I'm not sure WHY I'm so set on such a major stash-busting effort, right now - since I'm out of work, it will be probably some time before I can afford to buy any new yarn. One would think that I would be content to go about it at a leisurely pace, since it needs to last me a while. Maybe it is because with 12+ miles of yarn, I figure that if I want to get through it before KB graduates from high school, I'd better get to it.

On the needles now? The Cabled Monstrosity (always), the backing for the psychedelic rainbow scarf(mind-numbingly boring), the second of the scarves I'm going to try selling on etsy at some point, a pair of Juju pants for KB, and a pair of resoleable socks. This does not count my hibernating projects. I really have a lot of pictures I need to take.

Oh, new and exciting (at least to me)! This weekend, thank to my birthday money, I'm taking a spindle-spinning class! I've been wanting to learn, if only for the historical aspect of it all. I'd love to learn to spin with a wheel, too, but I'm a bit afraid to get going on that. Wheels are awfully expensive. Anyway, if anybody actually reads this, stay tuned! I hope to post a bit on how class went, and maybe include a shot of my first handspun, next week! :D

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